Leadership Services

Corporate Wellbeing Programmes or One to One Wellbeing Sessions

Aimed at finding better mind clarity, balance and peace in life, I offer a range of support.

Choose from workshops to reach large company populations or tailored 121 coaching for those who need more restorative work.

My understanding of people, psychology and the brain gives a deeper and rebalancing experience.

My most popular programme “Managing the inner chimp” helps understand the brain and how we can direct the unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

Other workshops include topics such as:

  • Inner scripts- the subconscious inner scripts that become the soundtrack to our behaviour, and aren’t always helpful
  • Raising motivation – how to get real deeply connected and make it happen
  • Leading in tough times- sometimes organisations experience tough climates. Mindset can be the first thing to go, yet the most important to survive.  This shares the best learning to keep your people in playing to win

121 Executive Leadership Coaching

My inside out approach finds the potential within and turns that into deeper, more powerful and brave performance. I am rooting for my clients and will be your biggest champion.

I meet the client wherever they are at. For some this could be about restoring calm, clarity of purpose, building inner connected confidence or challenging others to see how much they can be.

Clients tell me that I’m safe, I’m kind and I never judge but I do ask the uncomfortable questions and notice the distractions.

It’s always best to be tailored but look at some of the most popular coaching focuses

“From operating and doing to leading and inspiring”.

“Buzzing and busy to present and purposeful”

From doubting and double guessing to clear and confident”

Leadership Development for your Executive Teams

This is about creating a leadership climate in your organisation.

I can help you define your leadership climate and provide a tailored set of programmes for your leadership teams.

These programmes have a firm reputation for being life and business-changing, creating clear and confident individuals who create deeper relationships with colleagues.

When this happens, conversations are playing to win, more open, less ego protecting, more visible, more challenging and better thinking. This makes for happier teams, loyal and supportive to the business.